Super Story Time

Tino Turtle Travels to London England
By Carolyn L. Ahern
Travel with Tino Turtle when he makes a special guest appearance during show and tell at his pen pal Percy's school. Climb to the top level of a double-decker bus as he explores the city of London. Cruise down the river Thames just in time to hear Big Ben striking 12 noon!  The new Tino Turtle costume character, Author Carolyn L. Ahern and Voice Actor Ryan Ahern will be visiting Neighbors Bookstore as the centerpiece of this year's Super Story time.

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   Guest Story Tellers

Saturday  November  24th  11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Musicians, Authors and Performers

  We are committed to the promotion of local talents at Neighbors Bookstore.  If you are interested in performing, doing signings/readings or have published work for retail sales, please contact us.

Two Author Signings

Tahoe Silence
By Todd Borg
The quiet inside an autistic girl's mind can lead others to murder...
Todd Borg's latest Owen McKenna mystery thriller set in Lake Tahoe is a great hit.  Be sure to get Todd to sign all the novels in this exciting series.
The Vampire Hunters
By William Hill
A Walk on the Wild Side, Deaths and Disapperances, The Graveyard Armadillos… The Vampire Hunters.
Local author William Hill has a variety of great books ranging from young adult fantasy masterpieces to adult thrillers.  Be sure and get William Hill to sign a book for every reader in the family!

Friday  November 23rd  2:00 - 5:00 pm

Children's Story Time

Every Monday and Saturday  11:00 am
Each Story Time, the reader selects books that will delight and amaze the audience of both young and old children alike. (Do you have a particular story you like to read or tell?  Please contact the store to be a guest storyteller.)

November 2007

CD Release Party

A Light in The Forest
By Anne Roos
This is a Book AND a CD!

Saturday November 10th Anne Roos will be holding a release party for her newest CD/Book at Neighbors Bookstore.
This new release features music about the woods and the fascinating creatures that dwell within them-- fairies, trolls, nymphs, leprechauns, witches, bears, and more. This wonderful musical journey is packaged inside a 31-page hardcover book describing the folk history and legends of these creatures and the tunes. The little book is filled with vintage artwork and whimsical illustrations.
Also featured on the recording: Char Berta on flute, tenor recorder, alto recorder, and whistle, Chris Caswell on percussion and harmonium, Michael Frost on viola, Alan Fuller on guitars and cittern, and Dorothy A. Hawkinson on fiddle and hardingfele.
Includes the following tunes: Considine's Grove, Epping Forest, King of the Fairies, The Fairy Child & The Fairy Queen, A Bruxa (The Witch), Craigieburn Wood, Artemisia, Bourrée de la Luciole (Dance of the Firefly), Trollspolska, Roslin Castle & The Woods of Kilmurry, Bottom's Dream, The Golden Castle, Bears--Bear Dance & The Dancing Bear, Robin is to the Greenwood Gone (Bonny Sweet Robin or Robin Hood), Three Old English Tunes--Gamble Gold, Abbots Bromley Horn Dance & The Green Man, Virgin Forest, The Forest Nymph--Song of the Woods & The Tree in the Woods, and The Gold Ring.

Saturday  November 10th  2:00 - 5:00 pm

Author Signing

Yurts: Living in the Round
By Becky Kemery
Come join Becky Kemery, author of YURTS: Living in the Round, as she tours with her beautiful and inspiring slideshow, YURTS: Big Life, small footprint.
YURTS follows this ancient nomadic shelter and its modern counterparts from the mountain plateaus of Central Asia through the modern North American landscape.  With stunning images, the slideshow portrays the history and architectural evolution of this simple but beautiful round shelter. Becky communicates the sheer joy of living in a beautiful round space
Accompanying the photographs, Kemery tells first-hand stories of people using yurts to achieve their shelter and business dreams and shares practical information on successful yurt living.

Saturday  November 17th  2:00 - 5:00 pm

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